Author Spotlight: Meghri Sarkissian

Meghri is a 26-year-old writer and psychotherapist of Armenian descent, with one published novel. Her piece of flash fiction, ‘The Sound of a Duduk’, won first prize in our recent 250-word flash fiction competition. 'The fire that builds within me when I listen to their stories, the sorrow I feel when they open their hearts … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Meghri Sarkissian

Pushpanjali Kumari: ‘Epochs to Set Free’

Like a two dawns old flower,you crumple onto yourself.You knew this was looming;An inevitable verdict of the elements,The same laws that turn cosmos into dust;But you my sublime entity,A mere spec on the nonerasable map,An unidentified islandBeing weathered by crashing waves,Sinking slowly into a bottomless ecosystem;If seen from beyond the crystal dome,Your identity is blotted … Continue reading Pushpanjali Kumari: ‘Epochs to Set Free’

Jessica Kim: ‘k(NO)w’

Entombed on a stretcher, youHanded me an apple hairpin, whichMom (accidentally) drained down the sink.         Favorite. No one foresaw our weekly playdates–sitting on synthetic stools,Baking honey-soaked cookies–  As a harbinger of separation.         Gone. Project work meantAutomatic partnership between us English prodigies.Until you deserted your own place        Ghost. (You didn’t even give me the chance to ask for your phone … Continue reading Jessica Kim: ‘k(NO)w’

Author Spotlight: James McGovern

An emerging writer, James studied English Literature (BA) and Creative Writing (Master’s) at the University of Oxford. His work, spanning multiple genres, has appeared in Boulevard, Litro, the Oxford Review of Books and the Oxonian Review. In 2019, he was selected as one of The Best New British and Irish Poets 2019–20 (Eyewear Publishing, forthcoming) … Continue reading Author Spotlight: James McGovern

Jessica Kim: ‘How do you catch a dream?’

Scoop it up with your hands as it trickles down a sleepy river Styx, blow on it until the ripples morph into Posiedon’s tidal wavesPluck it from the laurel wreaths but beware of tasting its doubled-tongued berries,cradle it between your calloused palms until it falls into a deep tranceShine it in front of a mirror to see the reflections echoing down … Continue reading Jessica Kim: ‘How do you catch a dream?’

Author Spotlight: Isabelle James

Isabelle is currently a 24-year-old PGCE English student at the University of Cambridge. She studied English and Theatre at the University of Sheffield from 2015-2018 and specialised in Poetry, Immersive Theatre and Contemporary Literature. Her Poetry has been shortlisted for the South Yorkshire Young Writers’ Competition 2018. 'my current project is just healing and making … Continue reading Author Spotlight: Isabelle James