I. James: ‘I’ve forgotten your face somehow’

I could pick you out of a crowd,but it hurts too much to try andremember your face. It’s buried in a shroud of my trauma.I’d studied it for so long, it’s likeI’m an old scholar with heartbreak-dementia:my mind’s shield is raised to protectme from the agony of our memories.We’ve lost cities, cafes, homes, cultures;our will. … Continue reading I. James: ‘I’ve forgotten your face somehow’

I. James: ‘I ran today’

With trepidation, I ran todayand with elation, I ran all of the way.In some other world, life, paralleluniverse, I’d have stopped; gatheredbreath, and what’s left of myself; tired; hung up onnot being good enough,and slumped back home – God, hoping not to have been noticed.Not today.My veins coursed to surgeblood through my body – pumpingendorphins … Continue reading I. James: ‘I ran today’