I. James: ‘Connection’

We lose track of evolutionwithin humanity alongside machines:technological revolution boards our brainand programmes interaction over screens;monitors become our mirrors,reflecting ourselves as something elseand within a whole space, we cannot comprehend,we expose our vulnerability; naked to the nth degree,we surrender our lives to wasted time spentloading digits and connecting imagesbegging to be 'online', whilst mobileand ready … Continue reading I. James: ‘Connection’

Jinny Marietta: ‘When…’

When maggots writhe on top of your stomach instead of butterflies which once swirled inside, may you realize that the four-letter word was nothing but a meticulously sugarcoated scam. Jinny Marietta Jinny is a 20-year-old poet from Kerala, India who enjoys weaving scientific and universal experiences into her poetry. Her work spans multiple genres and … Continue reading Jinny Marietta: ‘When…’

Obehi Aigiomawu: ‘Of Writer’s Block’

Writer's block,To me isThe irrational fearThat Writing has left me.My mind convinces my body that the space she once occupied is empty.I write with doubt, and in essence I write nothing.I bask in the glory of all the words I'd previously written.I mourn this loss; that there won't be more.But, I am always proven wrong.From … Continue reading Obehi Aigiomawu: ‘Of Writer’s Block’

Gracie Eland: ‘Case #6402: Opal Brown’

Gloria Epstem (2019 Miss Nebraska Pageant Coordinator, July 3, 2019, taken from her announcement speech):            It is my pleasure to announce the contestants of this year’s Miss Nebraska Pageant. For the next month, our girls will participate in daily exercises, talent training, interviews, and community events that will all lead to the historic Meusely Theater … Continue reading Gracie Eland: ‘Case #6402: Opal Brown’

I. James: ‘Busker in Barcelona’

Such sweet, crisp guitar strings delicate fingers play amidst the hum of the busy city. Bustling Barcelona streets and squares and alleyways and open parks full of botanical plants and trees – the light notes cease to compromise on filling the air with fantastical florets of romanticised Catalonian virtuoso, yet the deep notes undertow the … Continue reading I. James: ‘Busker in Barcelona’

Janine Himler: ‘The Earth’

The earth was slowly slippingthrough my fingerslike the golden sandfade into such an awful landwaning with every heart beatdown to the groundforming new artI dance in time with the breezeI surrender myself to the seasFar from betrayal –Their traces worn awayoh sand, bring back the golden landI give you for thismy whole hand. Janine Himler … Continue reading Janine Himler: ‘The Earth’

Jinny Marietta: ‘Home’

Her home offered her everything.Protection, solace, family anything.But there was a teensy little thingthat existed with it..... Which isIt had four walls.And every time she looked at them,She saw no bricks but bars.Straight, long, caging bars... Jinny Marietta Jinny is a 20-year-old poet from Kerala, India who enjoys weaving scientific and universal experiences into her … Continue reading Jinny Marietta: ‘Home’