Established in 2016, The Composite Review exists to give voice to the best young and emerging talent in contemporary literature. If you are a writer aged between 15-29, we would love to hear from you. We publish poetry, short stories, flash fiction, six-word stories, essays and memoirs. We also run author spotlights to highlight particularly outstanding contributors, as well as competitions during the summer months to discover new talent and reward excellent writing.

Lots of people want to be writers, and it can be difficult for students and young writers with no profile to be heard above the crowd. Many publications have extremely long review periods and seldom provide feedback or even responses, creating a literary scene dogged by negative exchanges that can scare off less self-assured creators. There are few – if any – journals that focus on finding the great writers and poets of tomorrow.

Here, we take a different approach. Curated by a board of professional editors, teachers and writers, The Composite Review will always endeavour to provide courteous responses to all contributors, and constructive feedback to rejected submissions.

Quite simply, we’re looking for the extraordinary. The best and most original work by young writers finding their feet. We place no restrictions on form and have no aesthetic agenda. We will publish the beautiful and the macabre, the melancholy and the inspirational, the traditional and the experimental. The Composite Review’s provision of a meeting place for disparate styles and genres is what lends the journal its name – derived from the Greco-Roman ‘Composite’ pillar that takes the best aesthetic elements of both cultures to create an iconic design.