I. James: ‘Busker in Barcelona’

Such sweet, crisp guitar strings

delicate fingers play

amidst the hum of the busy city. Bustling

Barcelona streets and squares and alleyways

and open parks full of botanical plants

and trees – the light notes cease to compromise

on filling the air with fantastical florets of romanticised

Catalonian virtuoso, yet the deep notes undertow

the melodic waves that break against buildings and

drown local rooms with open windows by burying themselves in the evening heat

that warms the soul, and you accept defeat

to the enchanting sound. You pass by, moved that 

you found a lost feeling: you’ve been so far removed 

from true happiness, your elation is overwhelming. 

I. James

Isabelle is a 24-year-old PGCE English student at the University of Cambridge. Her Poetry has been shortlisted for the South Yorkshire Young Writers’ Competition 2018.

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