Elvy Gerez: ‘Maria’

A week passed by, since she left that other night. I haven’t seen her since, and I miss her like our first time. Sitting by the tree that’s riddled with our memories, it’s hard not to lose myself.

‘Hey, sweetheart, why so blue?’ She asks.

‘I thought, I may never see you again.’

A knot grew in my throat, as I tried to say more. She placed a finger on my lips and sat next to me wrapping her arms around.
Her warmth was distant, but her love constant.

‘It’s ok, I understand, no need to worry.’ she walked towards the field, handing me a smile, “you will see me soon, darling.’

I held my tears, and kept her in my heart as the wind blew
cherry blossoms, taking her away.
‘Rest easy, my love,’

Elvy Gerez

Elvy is an Army Officer from North Carolina with a love for writing. He enjoys experimenting with his style, but prefers romance, and hopes to become a full-time writer in the future.

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