Jessica Kim: ‘How do you catch a dream?’

Scoop it up with your hands 
as it trickles down a sleepy river Styx, 
blow on it until the ripples 
morph into Posiedon’s tidal waves

Pluck it from the laurel wreaths 
but beware of tasting its doubled-tongued berries,
cradle it between your calloused palms 
until it falls into a deep trance

Shine it in front of a mirror 
to see the reflections echoing down memory lane, 
walk away from the forgotten shards 
to diverge from Narcissus’ fate

Roll it up the snoring mountains
to endure Sisyphus and his groans, 
but wake up before the call of dawn
only to lose the dreams you have caught

once again.

Jessica Kim

Jessica Kim is a Korean-American writer who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Having moved around countless times, her works are often inspired by her international experiences and identity. She is the co-editor of an international high-school literary magazine.

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