Isabel de Silva: ‘The Confession’

I’ve always cared about you, and for once, this isn’t my pride talking.
You were more than just a trophy to me.
I’m sorry I wasn’t able to express that sooner.

I sometimes wonder if you’ll ever know that, but most likely not.
I was always the more observant of the two of us, and I’m happy to keep being the bad guy if
you don’t have to think about it.

Dastardly, isn’t it?
Love is one of the dirtiest crimes known to man, and we all commit it at least once.
Don’t let that fool you though; I’ve committed far worse for far less.

Things change quickly when you actively ignore them, and I’m an expert on the subject.
I wonder where you are now?
Not that it matters, you wouldn’t speak to me even if I knew and I’d rather not waste my precious time.
Do you still look at the stars and think of me?

Isabel de Silva

Isabel is a nineteen-year-old Creative Writing student at Bangor University, whose poetry was chosen for display during an LGBT+ Awareness Week event in 2017.

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