Obehi Aigiomawu: ‘Words I did not say’

Those words I did not say,
Went from heavy, to light as hay.
Went from recurring, to sparse and vague.
Went from words that haunt me,
To a harmless grave.

But, someday you’ll call.
Someday, you’ll come.

And, the words will gain back their weight.
From a crawl, they will stand up and pace.
They will blink from their death
And remember
They haven’t been said.

Obehi Aigiomawu

Obehi Aigiomawu is a young Nigerian writer also known by her pen name, VESSEL. Her debut anthology ‘Of Humans’ was published last year. She is currently working on her debut novel, ‘Black
Sheep’. Aside from writing, she harbours a fondness for travelling, drawing, and photography.

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