Kasia Manolas: ‘Punctured Woman’

do you mold yourself into
who he wants you to be?
mold is change
it’s also mildew

does he tell you
whether or not you care?
he would never say where you cannot go
no, no
that would be
but you go
and he gets angry
if you love me you won’t go there

there are nights where you are
you can hardly get up
endless stream of thoughts
you can’t sever or destroy
tempering an explosion
as it bursts
you sit
and feel the heat
convince yourself
you’re not burning

the next morning
you wake up with words
pouring out of your ears

you’re soft, warm,
and punctured
like a pin through cloth
he looks at you like
you’re a goddess
but you’re only afraid

he wishes to speak
it’s too late

you no longer want to
whisper your secrets
comb your fingers through
his heart, wear his sweats
or call him baby 

Kasia Manolas

Kasia is a 27-year-old Chicago-based writer currently editing her first novel, Girl in the Dark Room, a psychological thriller about deception, captivity, and power. When she’s not working or writing, she enjoys being with her dog Remy, travelling, and reading.

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