Zuwena Mohammed: ‘Violation of Sanctuaries’

His face stares back at her. Every time she closes her eyes. She is suffocating in her own mind, even there she has no privacy. He has violated her in every way possible.

She only met him once. Five glasses later and his hands had visited countries they were never invited to. She only met him once but the memory of his body printed on the sheets is an indelible scar.

They were both kids. He thought it was just a game but it didn’t feel right.

They had exchanged vows. She thought it didn’t count if they were married. They are still going strong.

He told her no one would believe her. She went along with it because he was nice and caring and he loved her. He was a good big brother.

This is not where it begins or ends. It is the normalised cycle from hell. Ours is a world filled with abusers and survivors. If you are neither, you must be the saviour.

Their tears are enough to drown this world ten times over.

Zuwena Mohammed

Zuwena is a secondary school student in Dublin, Ireland, and enjoys reading and writing as a hobby and a form of therapy.

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